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NeoGenesis Graceful Aging Skin care products for the ProfessionalWe are barely out of our teens when aging occurs in the skin.  As early as age 20, our skin begins to change.  The changes may be subtle but they are occurring on all levels.  “What causes the skin to age?” and “Is there anything we can do?” are two important questions we ask, in our efforts to keep our skin healthy, balanced and beautiful at every age.

The first type of aging is intrinsic aging.  This is simply the internal aging process that takes place regardless of external influences.  After age 20, we lose 1% of collagen production a year.  With less collagen produced, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile.  There is less elastin produced, which is what gives us the elastic and supple skin of our youth, so skin becomes more brittle with less bounce back.  Natural exfoliation slows which causes surface skin cells to accumulate, giving the skin a dull, lackluster appearance. With continued aging, the skin produces less moisture and our skin becomes drier.  Our fat cells shrink causing a loss of volume and skin sensitivity increases due to hormone loss and other factors associated with aging.  All of these factors of aging combine to show fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and brown spots on the skin’s surface.

The second type of aging is extrinsic, or external aging.  This is environmental damage and the good news is that we have some control.  To reduce or prevent environmental damage, we can follow a healthy lifestyle which includes a good diet and restful sleep, stress reduction techniques, plenty of water consumption and consistent use of a chemical free sunscreen applied properly.  Using the most advanced topical products and professional skin care treatments can have a huge impact on slowing or reversing damage and keeping the skin looking its best.

At NeoGenesis, we provide advanced solutions for skin and hair care.  Our products utilize the power of our patented S²RM® technology for daily home use.  Daily usage is the best defense to reducing all aspects of aging skin.  The skin makes a visible return to a more radiant, even skin tone as it is naturally healed and balanced.  Our hair ages as well and we provide products to treat hair loss and to boost eyelashes and eyebrows.

Please visit our Products section to learn more about our products and how they can correct even the most difficult skin and hair conditions.


“I have been using the NeoGenesis Skin Care Line for the last four months and have seen significant improvements in the texture and appearance of my skin. I achieved optimal results using a combination of the Cleanser, Skin Serum and Intensive Moisturizer in the mornings and  Recovery, Eye Serum and NeoBrow in the evenings.

About 1 week into my skin care routine I caught some sun/wind burn from a long hike and had tiny blisters on my shoulders. I used the Recovery serum 2-3 times a day for the next three days and my skin healed, really quickly without peeling or pain. I was absolutely thrilled and have been a huge fan ever since. As a brief round up these are my observations and why I love each of the products I use: 

Skin Serum: I LOVE this product! It helped my skin look more firmer, more radiant and evened out skin tone and age spots. 

Intensive Moisturizer: Boosts elasticity and locks in moisture. I am 47 and have some fine wrinkles & expression lines, the combination of Skin Serum and Intensive Moisturizer seemed to tighten and plump out my skin giving a more youthful glow. 

Recovery: This is the serum that I used after my sunburn, I also used on old scars and sunspots and it worked by rejuvenating my skin so it felt stronger and more supple. After days of fluorescent lights in the office and AC I think of it as food for my skin to protect and reverse from environmental stressors.

Eyebrow: The outer edge of my eyebrows were getting straggly and thin, I noticed a difference after about age 45 and started using brow mascara, since using the NeoBrow product the edges have started growing again and the brow line is fuller and more defined. Really happy with the results!

None of these products are greasy or caused any breakouts, in fact I didn’t even get my usual monthly pimple on my chin. In the same way I feed my body with high density nutrition and work out regularly I feel that this is optimal care for the skin…..” ~ MR

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer, NeoBrow

“NeoGenesis – this stuff is amazing. Thank you for bringing genius science into rejuvenating youth back into my skin.” ~ BE

“I am addicted to Recovery and your Eye Serum. Post-Microneedling, Recovery drops helped reduce my downtime from days to less than an hour. Your Eye Serum gives my eyes a feeling that is amazing. It’s so soothing and hydrating. As a professional Aesthetician, I can tell you have never seen anything like the NeoGenesis products.” ~ DB

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryEye Serum

“Loving products, seeing results already, Whoop Whoop! Will be placing another order soon, as I have someone else already wanting to try.” ~ HC

“NeoGenesis is so miraculous it makes my skin glow. The Recovery keeps my skin clear from acne and the Skin Serum plumps my skin! Amazing!” ~ CDP

Products: NeoGenesis RecoverySkin Serum

“I have a female client, 44 yrs old, suffers from rough texture of the skin and hyper-pigmentation due to many years of sun damage. I gave her three treatments with my other skincare line. The most recent included RECOVERY and SKIN SERUM.  She was BLOWN AWAY after her last treatment! She absolutely made sure to take RECOVERY home.  I saw her a week later for another treatment and we couldn’t believe how much brighter and healthier her skin looked and felt!  It was like night and day! She loved the changes she is seeing and she referred one of her friends to me.” ~ MV

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum

“In just my short time of implementing NeoGenesis in my treatments, I have been amazed at the improvements I am witnessing in my clients skin.  NEOGENESIS HAS TAKEN MY TREATMENTS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF WOW! Where had it been all my life, lol!?” ~ MV

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum

“I used another “stem cell” product for a couple of years prior to using NeoGenesis. All I can say is, WOW! What a difference in your products! The combination of Recovery, the Skin Serum, and Intensive Moisturizer have been fantastic in taking my skin to that next level of look and feel… much softer to the touch and a youthful glow that everyone compliments me on. My Mom and my friends are coming over to NeoGenesis now.” ~ LV

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryIntensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“I was really interested to see how my mom’s skin would change while using NeoGenesis.  I’ve been treating my mom’s skin for sun damage ever since I became an esthetician 13 years ago.  Though her skin has improved, I’ve never been able to correct the redness and fragility of her skin.  Her skin often appeared raw on her nose and cheeks.  NeoGenesis has been nothing short of miraculous for my mom’s skin!  After 6 weeks of use, her skin is thicker and firmer, without the raw fragility that it used to exhibit.  Her skin tone has evened out dramatically.  The lines and wrinkles she used to experience have dramatically reduced.  Every time I see my mom now I think to myself, “Wow, she looks great!”  Truly, after 6 weeks her skin looks noticeably firmer, younger, and more radiant.  The transformation I witnessed in my mom’s skin is confirmation that NeoGenesis is a phenomenal product line that will no doubt produce similarly amazing results for you.” ~ JR

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryIntensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“With the simple use of Recovery, Skin Serum and Intensive Moisturizer, I’m starting to see a significant, nice change in my skin.   My skin feels more compact, and the texture is firm and thicker.  I’m totally on board with NeoGenesis, and loving the way my skin looks and feels!” ~ LT

Products: NeoGenesis RecoverySkin SerumIntensive Moisturizer

“I have a female client in her mid 50’s who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and frequently gets mouth ulcers or cold sores.  She is also concerned about the usual signs of aging (wrinkles/lines/loss of elasticity).  I did a facial treatment on her last week and sent her home with RECOVERY.  She came back this week for another treatment and she is amazed at how her skin felt tighter already.  But she is also noticing her skin’s texture is smoother….and…..hasn’t had any sores around her mouth in the last week!!  Amazing!!!!  She is beyond pleased and is loving Recovery!” ~ MV

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I really like the Intensive Moisturizer. The scent is lovely, and the thickness of the moisturizer allows for a lot of coverage using just a small amount. Since using NeoGenesis products daily, I have noticed the aging process of my skin has slowed down remarkably. I wish I had started using them in my 30’s and 40’s!  Thanks NeoGenesis for the wonderful products.” ~ JF

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

“As a successful beauty model for nearly 40 years, I have used the top skin care lines from around the world, and nothing compares to the results I have seen with NeoGenesis products. I feel like NeoGenesis is turning back the hands of time … or at least slowing the pace … and I love it!”  ~ CR

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin SerumIntensive Moisturizer

“Hi. I just wanted to give you an update on some comments I got at the spa today. I was getting a facial and the woman was asking me what products do I use? She told me that she had been doing this job for a long time and I had some of the best skin she had ever seen. I told her about my history with NeoGenesis products. She wants to talk to you right away for her other clients. I love your products and so do the people who work on my skin!” ~ MH

Products: Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the Skin Serum. The texture of the Serum makes the application easy to use and covers really well. Best of all, the glow that it gives my skin is nothing short of remarkable. I use the Skin Serum daily, with the Intensive Moisturizer afterwards, and my skin looks much better than a lot of people that are younger than me.” ~ JF

Products: Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

hyperkeratosis-AS“I started treatment with Recovery twice a day.  It had already taken away the redness and the size began diminishing. But two months later it’s completely flat and the tiny dot left will no doubt be gone within the next few weeks.” ~ AS


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I have always had freckles and I have worked really hard to lighten them. I am an aesthetician so I know how to protect myself from the sun to prevent them from getting darker. When I started using NeoGenesis’ stem cell products I noticed that my freckles were actually getting lighter. I am so impressed with the NeoGenesis product line and I love educating my clients about this line so that they too can get similar results.” ~ JR

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin SerumIntensive Moisturizer

Review - Anti-Aging - NeoGenesis Skin Serum and Intensive Moisturizer“I started using NeoGenesis in July of 2016, and noticed a difference in how my skin felt immediately. Within 48 hours I could feel a real difference in the texture of my skin; it felt so soft and well, hydrated. After 4 months, I was amazed by the difference in my face and my neck. The wrinkles on my forehead between my brows are reduced dramatically in depth, as well as the “jowls” around my mouth, and the crepey skin on my neck. And I could go on… I was recently with a group of friends I had not seen since I began using your products. They say I look 10 years younger! Thank you NeoGenesis. I will never stop using your products.”  ~ BR


Products: Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“I am a 60+ woman who has been receiving professional skin care treatments and using recommended professional products for the past 5 years.   My appointments are approximately every 6 weeks and my go to treatment is Microcurrent with a vitamin A serum.

While my skin has felt very good, it still retained a red, slightly ruddy look.  I assumed it was years of outdoor activity and the accumulated damage that I wouldn’t be able to do much about.  Last week I had my regularly scheduled Microcurrent but this time was different.  My esthetician applied Recovery before the Microcurrent treatment and again after, followed by the Intensive Moisturizer.  We were both surprised and a bit amazed when for the first time in decades, my skin tone appeared very even and glowing.  All signs of redness were gone!  I did not think this was possible, especially during only one treatment. 

I’ve always been more interested in very healthy skin as opposed to looking a lot younger.  This time I got both as a nice bonus!   The value add was incredible and I’m excited to go forward with my new look.” ~ SP

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryIntensive Moisturizer

“NeoGenesis! I want to update you – I am so excited about the anti-aging benefits I have received from your products… softer skin, smaller pores, and my skin has a radiant glow now! Equally important I want to let you know that recently I felt that I was about to get a cold sore and I took your advice and applied Recovery 4 times a day.  No outbreak! Amazing! Thank you NeoGenesis!”  ~ DC

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryIntensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“I started using NeoGenesis skin care products in January. I immediately noticed a difference in the tone and texture of my skin and could not stop touching my face.  I was using the Recovery Serum after having a series of peels and could not believe how wonderful it made my face feel.  It calmed my skin immediately and took away the stinging sensation as soon as it was applied.  I used the Recovery twice daily along with the Skin Serum, and Intensive Moisturizer and I love what is has done for my skin.  I have been using the full product line for 7 months now and I continue to see improvement in how my skin looks and feels.  My friends have actually asked what work I had done because my skin is looking so amazing.  The best testimonial though has to be when asked how old I look, people guess between 35-40.  Thank you so much NeoGenesis!”  ~ AW

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I have been using the NeoGenesis skin care products for over two years now.  The difference in my skin’s tone and texture in the first six months was nothing short of a miracle, but what amazes me the most is that I continue to see improvements in my fine lines and wrinkles and my skin has taken on a beautiful youthful glow.  These products are wonderful!  I am so happy that I found NeoGenesis, I will never use anything else.” ~ BZ

Products: Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“My daughter introduced me to NeoGenesis approximately 8 months ago.  I noticed a difference in the tone and texture of my skin almost immediately and continue to notice a reduction in my lines and wrinkles.  One of my favorite things about the line is its simplicity.  I am used to using product lines with 6-8 different steps to achieve the desired results.  With NeoGenesis, I finish my daily routine in half the time.  The products work very well together absorbing in rapidly.  My skin just loves them!  I am looking forward to trying all the products NeoGenesis comes out with, so keep them coming guys and gals!”  ~ BR

Products: Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“I have been using the NeoGenesis Skin Serum and the Intensive Moisturizer for about a month now.  My skin looks and feels much healthier, smoother, clearer than before. It has a glow and feels so smooth to the touch. I am 67 years old and the fine wrinkles seem to have disappeared. I love the feel of the product. It just disappears into my skin.”  ~ MB

Products: Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

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